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Writer  Johnny Fortier (PDG)       
Founded in 2008, Coolworks is owned by Johnny Fortier.

• The company strives to do its best to deliver the best script. We also do a package for each project including script, concept illustration, storyboard when necessary and also music from a well known composer.

• Since the beginning, Johnny has written 17 scripts and created over 120 characters for animation, horror and sci-fi. More than 35 other projects are on development stage which most of them are high-concept. Johnny has a mystery and solemn touch into his writing and is unpredictable. He also has a deep knowledge of theology which brings another dimension.

 • Most of his scripts can easily be adapted for a video game which is a very good investment.

• We delicately choose every actors/actresses. Our goal is to have the most original and fresh style possible. We scrutinize every detail to deliver a good solid script from your own pitch. Each script received full coverage from pro.

• Coolworks is eyeing the possibility of a subsidiary for its comic slate in a near future and to produce as well.


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